Want to Be on the Radio with Us?

I’m having a blast with our new season of “A Way with Words,” and with my lovely co-host Grant Barrett — as well as with all of you who’ve been so kind as to call or email the show with your questions about language.

Meanwhile, don’t forget that you’re invited to join us on the air for a round of “Slang This!” — a playful game in which you try to guess the meaning of new and unfamiliar terms.

If you’d like a shot at playing our game, email us: words@kpbs.org. Include your full name, city and state, daytime telephone number, and the best time to reach you. Also, please include a few lines about your favorite slang word, new word, or colloquial expression.

If you’re selected for our game, you’ll a nifty prize for playing — not to mention all the radio fame you can possibly stand!

And as always, if you have a question about grammar, usage, word and phrase origins, idioms, regionalisms, or your most annoying linguistic pet peeve, call us any time! Our phone line’s always open: 1-877-929-9673. Or drop us a line: words@kpbs.org.

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