The New York Times Acrostic & “A Garden of Words”

OK, I’ll confess that I’ve never come anywhere near finishing the New York Times acrostic. That’s because it’s . . . well, hard. For me, anyway. (I mean, “gnomish”?)

In case you didn’t finish last week’s either, here’s the solution on the Times website to the puzzle that featured my book, A Garden of Words.

I do love the quotation they chose, because “anthology” is indeed one of my favorite words:

“The anth- in . . . anthurium . . . means ‘to bloom.’ …The Greek word for ‘flower,’ anthos…, gave us one of the loveliest of English words, anthology, which literally means a ‘gathering of flowers,’ or ‘garland’ — a literary bouquet, if you will.”

Btw,  if you want to know how I fell in love with language, you can read an excerpt from A Garden of Words here.

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