That’s Okay, I’ll Sit in The Dark

And speaking of Grant Barrett’s read-’em-and-weed article about dictionary-making, the New York Times has a piece today about something similar happening in the classic text, Janson’s History of Art:

. . . As with all renderings of history, deciding who made the cut and who did not often came down to the mundane realities of publishing: page counts and deadlines. “There had to be tradeoffs,” said Frima Fox Hofrichter, chairwoman of the history of art and design department at Pratt Institute, who wrote the chapters on the Baroque and Rococo.

Other factors, such as politics, are cited as well. But it kind of makes you look at deadline-less, paperless Wikipedia in a whole new way, eh? Not to mention “Whistler’s Mother,” which didn’t make the cut in Janson’s new edition.

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