Name that Kid!

Geez, maybe Grant and I should get into the baby-naming biz. After all, he and Sarah did a fine job naming little Guthrie. Well, here’s a long article in the Wall Street Journal about the growing business of baby-name consultants.

Or maybe we should have a section on “A Way with Words” where prospective parents call in with their prospective progeny’s proposed monikers, and you tell us (and them) what you think. How does that sound?

One thing’s for sure: Before parents get too attached to a name, it pays to google. As the article points out:

When Julie Tiedens, 34, a high school teacher who lives near Eau Claire, Wis., typed her favorite name for a girl, Zoe Rose, into the search engine, she was forced to go back to the drawing board. The name was already taken — by a British porn star. “It was on the first page that came up,” she says.

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