i am neurotic

i am neurotic is a place for you to confess your neuroses (including, apparently, a morbid fear of capital letters). A sampling:

When I have to ask for directions and the location is fairly obvious, I’m always embarrassed. To avoid the humiliation, I ask in a British accent so my incompetence is socially accepted.


I can’t stand multiple bumps close together. Corn on the cob, multiple pimples, popcornceilings… anything with multiple bumps. They seriously freak me out.

And I especially like:

When I was little, I would apologize to my stuffed animals if I dropped them or something, so they wouldn’t kill me in my sleep. I also tried to evenly divide my attention among them so no one got lonely or jealous, and tried to kill me in my sleep.

I have my own linguistic neuroses, of course, but I’m not sharing. How about yours?

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