Inspired by the Educators at CATE 2018!

I was supposed to be an inspirational speaker at the California Association of Teachers of English 2018 state convention this month, but the truth is that I was the one who came away inspired by the professionalism and dedication of these hard-working teachers!

Find Your Authentic Voice for Social Media

I’m quoted in the latest issue of Entrepreneur magazine on this topic in a story by Ross McCammon.

The Buzz about the “Bee”

My co-host Grant and I had big fun at the San Diego Council on Literacy’s annual Adult Spelling Bee last night. The Killer Bee team’s sharpened-pencil bandoliers (below) were just some of the highlights. A great time for a great cause!

A Night for Onychophagists to Remember

How do you spell “cymotrichous” (having wavy hair)? Come watch my co-host Grant and me as we try not to embarrass ourselves at the San Diego Literacy Council’s Second Annual Spelling Bee for Adults on Thursday, Feb. 23. It’s an entertaining fundraiser for a great cause. It should be an onychophagist’s delight! (“Onychophagist”? That’s someone who more…

The New York Times Acrostic & “A Garden of Words”

OK, I’ll confess that I’ve never come anywhere near finishing the New York Times acrostic. That’s because it’s . . . well, hard. For me, anyway. (I mean, “gnomish”?) In case you didn’t finish last week’s either, here’s the solution on the Times website to the puzzle that featured my book, A Garden of Words. I do love more…

The Language of Lyrics – 3/3/12

Interested in the creative process in general and songwriting in particular? Join me for an intimate conversation with members of the San Francisco band Blame Sally on Saturday, March 3, at 1 p.m. at Art Lab Studios in San Diego. I’ll be interviewing Renee Harcourt and Monica Pasqual from the band about the art of more…

True Confessions

In which I confess the terrible truth about my acrostic abilities. (The 2nd item in Diane Bell’s U-T column, not the one about Baywatch.)

Are you in Southwest Virginia? If so, drop by March 15!

If so, mark your calendar now for the Women’s Leadership Conference at Ferrum College in Ferrum, Va. The conference is free, and open to everyone. I’ll be giving the keynote address on Thursday, March 15, at 11 a.m. at the college. I’m looking forward to meeting folks who enjoy “A Way with Words” on  WVTF’s more…

Find the radio host in today’s NYT Acrostic!

Wow. Never expected to find myself hidden in a New York Times Sunday Magazine acrostic, but I guess there’s a first time for everything! SPOILER ALERT: http://wywd.us/anthlogy

Is That a Pork Steak in Your Pocket…?

Over at the Travel Channel’s online magazine, World Hum, Jenna Schnuer talks to Grant and me about some of our favorite regionalisms. (And in the comments section, you can find out what one does with a bunny hug.)