Back Home Again in Indiana (Sort of )

I’m delighted to say that Grant and I will be in Indianapolis this weekend for several important fundraising events. We’ll be in the studios of NPR affiliate WFYI, pitching live during their spring membership campaign on Saturday, April 12, from noon to 1 p.m., when “A Way with Words” is broadcast. If you’ve been thinking about joining WFYI or renewing your membership with this public radio station, that’d be a great time to do it. We’d love to have the chance to thank you personally!

Grant and I will also appear that evening at the Indy Reads “Alphabet Affair” gala, supporting this wonderful literacy program. This year’s fundraiser honors the letter “J,” and “J-themed” costumes are encouraged. (I’m guessing we could raise more money if I promise NOT to show up in a tight Jumpsuit, but I digress.)

One more event: On Sunday, April 13, I’ll be giving a free talk at the Central Library in Indianapolis at 1:30 p.m., on “Why I Love Words.” Grant and I will take questions from the audience, and afterward, I’ll sign copies of my book, A Garden of Words, more about which can be found in last weekend’s article in the Indianapolis Star. Proceeds will benefit the library.

Who knows? We just might turn up somewhere else that weekend as well, but at the very least, we’ll be at those events. So if you’re an Orts reader or an “A Way with Words” listener, please be sure to introduce yourself so we can chat. (Just don’t offer this mostly-vegetarian word nerd any of that Hoosier favorite, Beef Manhattan, okay? Tofu Manhattan might be another story.)

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