At Your Service!

Just back from London, where I met with radio colleagues from that side of the pond, then headed out to Wimbledon to watch some tennis. Here I am at Centre Court.

Heard many comments about how very weird the place is without the roof, which I’m told made the place feel much more intimate. “Now it feels like any other stadium in America” was a common refrain. I happened to be there the day that British favorite Tim Henman outlasted Spain’s Carlos Moya in a thriller of a match. Which reminds me of how much I enjoy picking up new-to-me expressions from British newspapers, one of which noted the next day that Henman prevailed over the Spaniard because Henman has “big onions.” (Onions?)

Meanwhile, I’m doing my best to take advantage of the show’s summer hiatus by digging through mounds of email that have been accumulating in recent weeks. I’m extremely grateful for all of it, and especially for all your recent comments about my rant about the serial comma. Don’t forget that during our summer hiatus, we’ll continue to post a new mini-broadcast every Wednesday. This week, Grant explains what a “walking school bus” is.

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