A Special Note to “A Way with Words” Listeners

You can read the news about KPBS suspending production of “A Way with Words” in the San Diego Union-Tribune. This was part of a massive layoff at the station.

The good news is that Grant and I are already in talks with other radio outlets and potential sponsors who see a bright future for our show’s distribution at the national level.

So I’m sure “A Way with Words” will land well, although of course I’m saddened for our local audience. In the end, as we added podcast listeners and other stations around the country, it seems that continuing to serve our growing national (and international) audience became too much for KPBS to handle.

(In fact, I’ve been spending the summer digging through and trying to answer hundreds of emails we’ve received from ardent listeners around the country and around the world. Sorry if I haven’t gotten to yours yet, but honestly, I’m doing my best!)

Meanwhile, I’m very happy to report that my brilliant co-host Grant already has our new “A Way with Words” website up and running. Stop by there and sign up for our email list, which will keep you informed about what we’re up to and where “A Way with Words” will land.


Check it out, and let us know what you think. And if you want to let KPBS know how you feel about their decision, call 619-594-1515 or email Doug Myrland directly at dmyrland@kpbs.org

And thanks again for your continued support of intelligent radio for passionate lovers of language.

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