Browsing Month May, 2007

Today’s Term: Paper-based Computing

I want one of these!

Is There a Violinist in the Gay Church’s Bathroom or Not?

Over at the Chicago Tribune, Nathan Bierma’s writing this week about the controversial serial comma. You know, that last comma in a phrase like “red, white, and blue.” A lot of newspaper style guides these days order that it be yanked from reporters’ copy, so you get things like: “At the store we bought Eggos, more…

Do We Need a Pomma Point?

Seems a Canadian has come up with a new punctuation symbol that would enable the writer to express “mild surprise.” Eh?

Doing Your Bidding

Lots of cool things in the new KPBS Online Auction. If you love travel, check out the trips to Peru and China. If you’re a fan of women’s tennis, check out the amazing VIP package at the Acura Classic Tennis Tournament this summer. There’s much more, and of course, it’s all for a good cause more…

I Am SO Thinking of Declaring This!

Email bankruptcy! Now, why didn’t I think of that?