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Getcher Own Church Sign Here

Create your very own church sign here. (I know I should come up with some terribly clever example and illustrate this post with it, but I’m leaving that up to you folks!)

Getcher Grant Fix Here!

Talk about a beautiful mind. Here’s the transcript of Grant’s chat about whether slang is degrading English. It’s on Anu Garg’s Word-A-Day site. A sampling of Grant’s thoughts on the matter: Look, degradation is, in some ways, about reducing the level of discourse, which slang almost always does. But! That degradation is not permanent. Slang more…

Is Today’s Slang Ruining English?

Or does slang, on the contrary, invigorate our tongue? Here’s your chance to kick around these and other questions this coming Sunday night with slang lexicographer (a.k.a. my fabulous co-host) Grant Barrett. He’s doing an online chat at, Anu Garg’s site featuring the popular Word-A-Day email newsletter. Grant will be slingin’ slang this Sunday more…