Browsing Month February, 2007

Want to Be on the Radio with Us?

I’m having a blast with our new season of “A Way with Words,” and with my lovely co-host Grant Barrett — as well as with all of you who’ve been so kind as to call or email the show with your questions about language. Meanwhile, don’t forget that you’re invited to join us on the more…

You Say Babel, I Say Babble?

On “A Way with Words,” there’s no topic more touchy than pronunciation. So, how do you say the name of the movie “Babel”? Even Brad Pitt doesn’t know.

Today’s Words: Lagan/Ligan

I knew about flotsam and jetsam, but I’m indebted to Mark, commenting on an earlier post, for introducing me to the word lagan, also spelled ligan, which seems to have all sorts of untapped potential as a metaphor, no? Thanks, Mark. Okay, all you poets — let’s see some works using the word lagan!

Goin’ to the Dogs

I always enjoy Nathan Bierma’s weekly column “On Language” in the Chicago Tribune. This week, he’s writing about “dog” words — and quoting me.

Word of the Day: Globster

Am I the only person who didn’t know until just now the meaning of the word globster?